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What will happen at the police station if I am arrested for aggravated rape in New Orleans?

Something has you worried. You are concerned that you or a loved one could be arrested for aggravated rape, and you want to know what you should expect after your arrest, but before you or your loved one appears in court.

What You Can Expect

As soon as you are taken into police custody, the arresting officer should read you your Miranda rights. After that, the police officer will take you to the police station. Once there you can expect:

  • To be booked. The booking process includes having your picture taken and being fingerprinted. The police will take your personal property—such as your wallet and cell phone—from you, and give you a receipt for the property so that you can get it back later.
  • To be allowed to call your attorney. It is important to exercise this right so that your lawyer can advise you about the next steps of proceedings and make sure that all of your legal rights are protected.
  • To stay in a holding cell until your first appearance in court. This appearance typically happens quickly.

However, you do not have to wait for an arrest to happen. If you think that you might be arrested, then you can turn yourself in to the police station. You have the right to bring a criminal defense lawyer with you if you turn yourself in. The booking process, and your time in a holding cell, should be the same whether you are brought in by the police or you turn yourself in.

Please talk to a criminal defense lawyer about your options and about how to protect yourself throughout the proceedings.

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