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I’m a retailer with a few large amounts in my accounts receivable. I’m not sure whether or not I should file a lawsuit against the people who owe my store money. How can a lawyer help me get paid?

When you sell a product, you trust that the person who buys will pay you what you agreed upon at the time of the transaction. As time goes on and you send bills each month, you start to wonder whether you will ever see the payment for your product. It’s frustrating, and it’s a waste of time.

Retailers struggle with this all of the time. For large, expensive items, letting unpaid debt go bad is dangerous and very costly. Many people avoid paying what they owe until they see their debt go to a collections lawyer.

How a Lawyer Fights For You To Be Paid

Putting a lawyer on your side is one of the best ways to recoup unpaid debt and get those large receivable accounts off your books. Here are a few ways a lawyer will work with you to collect debt in Louisiana:

  • Send demand letters. Demand letters that come from a lawyer carry more weight. There’s no doubt about that. People who might not respond to your demand letters will suddenly respond to the demand letters from your debt collection attorney. This speeds the payment process by showing that you’re serious about getting the money that is rightfully yours.
  • Attempt to negotiate payment plans. No one wants to go to trial. In order to do everything possible to avoid trial, your lawyer will try to negotiate a fair and reasonable payment plan. This gives the people who owe you money a way to pay back their debts in a timeframe that’s fair to you and to their financial situation.
  • Initiate the collection process. Whether you need to garnish the wages of the person who owes you money, put a lien on their property, or intercept tax refunds, we can help. By filing a lawsuit against the people who owe you money, a positive judgment awarded in your case enables you to initiate the collection process.

If your boss is struggling to collect debt in Louisiana but hesitant to hire a collections attorney, we encourage you to share this article with him. With a better understanding of how an attorney can help, he will be thankful you alerted him to this option instead of wasting time letting your demand letters fall on deaf ears.

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